At Santa Fe Lash & Beauty Bar, we pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of premium skincare and beauty products, featuring renowned brands that embody excellence. Explore the transformative world of Rhonda Allison, where innovative formulations meet science-backed skincare for unparalleled results. Indulge in the powerful solutions of SkinCeuticals, known for their advanced skincare backed by scientific research. Elevate your lashes with the luxurious Grande Cosmetics, renowned for enhancing natural beauty. Experience the artistry of HawrychMD Lash, a brand synonymous with quality lash products that deliver stunning results. Our carefully chosen product lineup reflects our commitment to providing clients with the best in skincare and beauty, ensuring every purchase contributes to their journey toward radiant and healthy skin.

We are an authorized retailer for the following products:

Rhonda Allison





Grande MD

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(SkinCeuticals must be purchased and picked up in the salon)