Moisturizers that will really get under your skin in a good way! Rhonda Allison’s creams go into the skin to plump and hydrate while treating skin all day long.

There are many misconceptions about products that are termed moisturizers – the word alone implies moisture (water), which is crucial for all skin regardless of skin type. However, a person with dry skin may require a moisturizer that has a thick, creamy feel but remains on the skin. And someone with oily skin may shy away from moisturizers because of the heavy, greasy feel.  Does this mean then that an oily skin does best without a moisturizer? The answer is no – even oily skin benefits from a moisturizer!

Decades of marketing have influenced our understanding of the purpose of a moisturizer – if it is laying on the surface, how will it possibly be providing water hydration that retains itself in the epidermis? Rhonda Allison moisture and protection nutrients are designed to absorb and provide valuable hydration and plumping of the skin beyond the surface, actually feeding the skin and giving it just the right balance of moisture, no matter the skin type.