Organic Spray Tanning

Full Body Organic Spray Tan - $38

Half Body Organic Spray Tan - $20  

Santa Fe Lash & Beauty Bar is proud to offer and use Sjolie Sunless organic tanning products. Read below and learn more about why we chose to work with this amazing company!

Sjolie Sunless is a family owned and operated company based out of Rocklin, CA.  Sjolie Sunless started with a simple mission: to make better sunless tanning products by making a better company than any other in the industry. They choose to source the world’s finest naturally derived ingredients and materials to create retail products you can be confident will provide you a dependable reputation as a health conscientious sunless professional in the community.  Sjolie has been manufacturing sunless tanning solutions and products for over a decade from their facility located in California.  Under the Sjolie family name since 2009, they are proud to be a true manufacturer of their products and to be a part of every facet of product creation from agriculturists all the way to development and design.  They truly put their heart and soul into making Sjolie Sunless the best possible answer for your everyday sunless tanning needs.

Sjolie manufacturers their own solutions and sunless products.  Because of this, they have a direct partnership with ingredient farmers allowing them to send blending experts their ingredients at peak freshness, with minimal time in transit, and at a better value than they can find anywhere else.  These direct partnerships provide agriculturalists with guaranteed demand for their harvest, allowing them to better plan their crop rotations to grow specialty ingredients just for us, and improving their livelihoods in the process.

This also means Sjolie personally touches products during conception, through creation, and into distribution.  They are naturally derived, organic company because they care about your healthiness and want your natural beauty to shine.  Sjolie cares very deeply about this planet and keeping it clean and resilient for all future generations to enjoy.