Gel Nails & Lash Extensions...What to do during COVID-19

Eyelash Extensions
Now WHAT! What to do as your extensions start to fall off.
1. Don’t Attempt to Remove Extensions Yourself.
Have patience and let them grow out and fall off on their own. That way, they aren’t adding to any damage to the natural lash. 
2. Try Aquaphor or a Natural Oil.
There are some things you can do to speed up the process, like applying Aquaphor/oil to lashes at night. This will help loosen the bonds without any pulling or rubbing.
3. Use a Lash Growth Serum. 
Lash growth serums will condition and strengthen lashes, protect against breakage, improve flexibility and shine, and result in more beautiful looking lashes. Essentially, it’s everything you need to get through the awkward period after your extensions have fallen off and will help ensure your lashes are less compromised at the end of the process. Try our Hawryrch MD Serum or Babe Lash, they both work great! Order them here on our website. Everything is 10% off.
Gel Nails
Here is what you need, you can probably get everything you need at a drugstore.
Course nail file 
Nail buffer 
Pure acetone 
Orangewood stick or cuticle pusher
Natural nail strengthener
Cuticle oil
1. Take the course file and file the surface of the gel product. This will allow the acetone to penetrate easier. Just file back and forth a few times. The goal is to  remove the shine of the gel.
2. Pour the pure acetone in a glass dish just deep enough to cover the fingertips. Place your fingers in the acetone making sure the gel is immersed in the acetone. It will feel very cold.
3. Leave your nails in the acetone for 10 to 15 minutes. The more times you remove your fingers from the acetone the longer it will take. 
4. After 10 to 15 minutes use the orangewood stick or cuticle pusher to scrap the gel from the natural nail. You may need to re-soak. 
5. Once the gel is soaked off, shorten or shape the nail to the desired length. Then finally gently use the soft buffer to smooth the nail surface. 
5. Apply a oil to the nail and cuticle area or a natural nail strengthener. Once the nail strengthener dries you can apply cuticle oil to the cuticles.