Lisa Murphy, Owner

Lisa Murphy is the owner of Santa Fe Lash & Beauty Bar. She is a beauty industry veteran, working in the beauty industry since 1987. Lisa and her husband, Peter, have lived in Santa Fe since 2008. Lisa received her aesthetician training in Bahrain while Peter was stationed there as Air Operations Officer of the 5th Fleet Navy Central Command.  They have three grown children and two grandchildren and like to travel as often as their busy schedules allow to spend time with family.

Lisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Education and is a licensed Nail Technician and Aesthetician. Lisa’s love of doing eyelash extensions started in 2011 when she completed her first lash training course. taught by Lavish LashesTraining has always been extremely important to me and there is no exception when it comes to perfecting eyelash extension techniques,” says Lisa. Wanting to learn more, Lisa attended and completed Hollywood lash guru, Daniel Dinh’s, advanced training in Los Angeles. Daniel developed and patented the multi-layering method of eyelash extensions. Being trained in this technique allows Lisa to lash faster and reach every lashable lash.

Lisa completed her third lash training course in Chicago during October 2013 with Lash Boom World, which instructed participants in capping, 2D, 3D and Hollywood lashes. These advanced lashing techniques produce extremely full yet soft lashes.

Lisa’s fourth lash training course was in Las Vegas during March 2014. Teresa Smith from London held this advanced volume training course. London is where many of these advanced lashing techniques were first created and practiced.

Lisa plans to attend an advanced lash training course every year to keep up with the newest and best lash techniques. She continually invests in the highest quality products on the market for both eyelash extensions and nails. “As important as continuing education is, offering my clientele the best products available is equally important to me.”

In addition to lashes, in 2012 Lisa developed her own gel technique that nourishes and protects the natural nail. She realized the removal of gel polish using acetone dehydrated and damaged the natural nail. To protect the nail, Lisa applies two layers of Bio-Sculpture Gel under the gel polish. The Bio-Sculpture Gel is a healthy product that is breathable and flexible and offers strength and durability to the natural nail. Lisa has trained the nail technicians that work at Santa Fe Lash & Beauty Bar using this technique.

An artist at heart, Lisa found a career creating beauty and making clients feel good about how they look. Another form of art Lisa enjoys is making mosaics. Working with glass, stone and tiles to create a unique piece of art. “It’s like time is standing still, and nothing else matters,” Lisa says about creating mosaic art. Art comes in many forms, whether it’s a beautiful set of eyelash extensions, a perfectly polished nail or mixture of glass and tile, it is the perfect end result that fuels her creativity.

Santa Fe Lash & Beauty Bar is located at 1012 Marquez Place, Unit 101 in Building 1. Please stop by and see our beautiful facial and lash studio at the Marquez Place Lofts!