Alyssa Martinez

Alyssa Martinez, one of our very talented and esteemed estheticians at Santa Fe Lash & Beauty Bar, embodies a profound level of expertise that transcends traditional skincare. With a keen understanding of the diverse needs of our clients, Alyssa approaches esthetics with both precision and a holistic perspective. Her advanced techniques in facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels showcase her commitment to delivering transformative results. Alyssa's passion for skincare extends beyond the treatment room; she is dedicated to educating clients on maintaining optimal skin health at home. Clients consistently praise Alyssa for her personalized approach, ensuring each skincare session is a rejuvenating and enlightening experience. With Alyssa, Santa Fe Lash & Beauty Bar is privileged to have an esthetician whose expertise enhances not just the skin, but the overall well-being of our cherished clients.